The compass towards growth

Each person has his own compass. Which points in different directions, which is natural and easy for each of you to grasp.

Even if each of you designs the compass according to your own ideas, wishes, goals and plans, the needle should always point to "learning". Of course, you won't disagree with me there either. Learning is part of everyday life, whether in a private or professional context.

But when I talk about learning, I'm talking about personality growth. To do this, you have to leave your comfort zone, where you feel safe and secure. And in doing so, many encounter inner resistance, where it really hurts and where failure cannot be avoided.

Unfortunately, when people leave this zone, more and more often two directions turn out to be where the compass needle is pointing: blame and self-defeat. The "you're to blame" people who blame others for their failures in order to save face. And those who always look for the causes of their failure in themselves, who (mis)doubt, think themselves into a knot and can no longer get out of this mill.

To avoid the risk of following these two directions, your compass must be properly calibrated: Are you leading your emotions or are you being led by your emotions? You must be in control of your own ego.
Then the path of growth, with all its obstacles and pains, is worth taking, because in the end you will get much more than you gave. And what you think you can do and your value will be clearly visible to others.

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