Personal growth

Your next step" online seminar

  • What stands in your way personally?
  • What issues are currently the focus of your interest and energy?

Many people feel that they could achieve much more in their lives. They realize that they let themselves be blocked - and that you lack orientation.

If you recognize yourself in these topics, then we invite you to take your next step: For your development as a person, for your professional path, for your interaction with the people around you.

Torsten Osthus invites you to reorient yourself.

You take a test for this and send Torsten Osthus your test result for an initial 1to1 preliminary meeting. After this interview, you will receive an invitation to a virtual orientation session with selected participants, which Torsten Osthus will accompany as an impulse generator.

Place: Online
Costs: € 200
Number of participants: Five
Duration: 90 minutes

Innovation and growth

Fireside evening for decision makers

Experience in a small circle of like-minded people how powerful the impulses are that the compass can give you. Clarify your next step on a question that is currently moving you, or simply cultivate an exchange with others at eye level.

In the pleasant atmosphere of a fireside evening with other decision-makers and entrepreneurs, you, together with Torsten Osthus and four other participants, will take the next step and experience the powerful beginning of a joint growth process.

Arrange now with Torsten Osthus a personal preliminary talk about your compass and the next fireside evening for decision makers in your region.

Next date: Aachen, Germany, November, 26, 2023.
Fee: € 400,- (including drinks and snacks)
Number of participants: Five
Duration: Three hours

Productive impulses

Offers that move

As the initiator of the movement The Next Step, Torsten Osthus is concerned with change on several levels: His work aims at personal development, at an evolution of leadership in companies and organizations, and thereby at change in business and society.

He invites you to experience the possibilities that the compass offers you personally or even your business. Get productive impulses from Torsten Osthus on how to deal with the issues that stand in your way for your next step. Find orientation and clarity for your future work.