Find orientation, reduce complexity

"Whether it's about your own next step, a team, a project, a company, or working with customers or partners, in essence, the complexity in leadership can be reduced to a process with 4 principles. This is what experience shows. And in the end, it's just common sense, nothing more"- Torsten Osthus

The compass traces "the next step" to the essence of 4 principles and a simple cybernetic loop.

These four basic principles may also provide you - or so we hope - with orientation. So that you can find or maintain your direction in your daily business and act more successfully or more calmly. This is especially true in a world in which transformative technological innovations are massively changing our economic and social lives.

Walk with us. Step by step, just keep going ...
One Step at a Time

With the "Empowerment Test" below, you can determine your own location, your "Flow Index", where you are currently strong and where you currently have potential for improvement. But you can also simply use the 4 Success Principles as a leadership tool for yourself or your organization.

Use the compass and for yourself, your team, your project or your organization.