Torsten Osthus has experienced this himself time and again. Existential angst as a founder. Changes at customers or in the market, which forced him to reinvent himself with his company again and again. Challenges in leadership or in the cooperation in the management. The expansion of the business to the USA, China or India. The creation of new start-ups or collaboration with investors.

These most diverse challenges have always led him to the same essence:

No matter how big the problems are, focus on the problem solving and the result, change, create trust and take responsibility for yourself, your team or your organization. Because you are the result. Don't attach to intentions, but to the consequences of your actions, whether as an employee, manager or company leader.

And if there is no problem yet, we have to go the way just then, it is a much bigger risk not to go the way, not to reinvent ourselves, because if we don't cannibalize and reinvent ourselves, others will do it. That is the simple truth.

And it applies all the more as we are now already in the second half of the chessboard in terms of the exponential growth of digitization.

"The world is functioning more and more like an organism, with cells working together. When we create spaces that inspire others to create spaces that benefit others. Then we have an environment in which people, teams and organizations can develop their potential and grow. All we need for this is a common compass for orientation that everyone can get behind." - Torsten Osthus

The next step

The movement

Tosten Osthus founded the movement "The Next Step" to give this growth a common value framework with clear orientation and to enable spaces for exchange and further development: So that you can identify your next step, have clarity - for yourself, in your team or with your organization - where you want to go and then do it. Because no matter which rung of the success ladder you are on or which plateau of your next mountain you are on, there is always a next step that is worth not taking alone...

Founder Torsten Osthus' vision is to democratize success: No matter if you are already very successful and looking for like-minded people or if you are at the beginning of starting a business, have a project in mind or if you are an employee or manager about to take the next step. Sharing, passing on or receiving knowledge and experience are the anchors of the movement.

For us, this is about a shared image of people and values that is focused on the cause, results and benefits, that relies on learning in the personality. It is about a movement in which appreciation and trust prevail and self-responsibility is assumed. A movement that is also itself in a constant process of renewal and natural development.

This is how we bring people, companies, society together to a new level of evolutionary change and can be more shapers than just being driven by technological development.

The movement is itself a development process in which you can participate and contribute, with your next step or that for others, for your own benefit, for the benefit of others. A process by which you make a contribution that makes a difference. For yourself, for others and for the world.

Become a supporter, author, activist or user and feel free to contact us.

Become an active part of the movement, with your voice, your skills or your offerings. Join us in transforming the barriers of growth and innovation into innovations for life. This is how we contribute with our success to successfully change the world in small steps. Because - Each Step Matters...

The next step

The mission

People, teams, organizations or entire societies are stuck in their egos. Freedom is sacrificed in order to avoid one's own responsibility by searching for culprits, often unconsciously. Instead of focusing on results, people discuss and explain the world, dogmatism and lack of freedom prevail instead of focused perception, competence and pragmatism. Where trust and harmony could grow and get people moving together, mistrust, moralizing, and small-mindedness cause stagnation and isolation.

The next step stands for a different, a powerful future. It stands for a powerful process of learning: for a cybernetic control loop of evolutionary growth of people, companies and societies.

With the four simple principles of the compass, the movement has an effective, simple and successfully tested in 25 years system at hand that provides orientation: To develop yourself personally, to raise your business to a new level and also to create growth spaces for the people you love, for your employees, for your environment, for society. Not as a do-gooder formula, but as an offer to orient yourself and to focus - especially when things get difficult in our incredibly fast-moving and complex world.

"We all often think in "IMPACT", about changing the world, making a dent in the universe - and then we don't even start. In the process, we forget ... Every step leaves a trace.", Torsten Osthus

Experience how powerful you are when you get others moving. Become part of the movement that makes you more successful, more successful in business and offers you a space for personal development, towards personal excellence and freedom.

The next step

The principles

The OSTHUS Compass with its four principles gives you more clarity where you are right now, where your learning potential is, where the levers are for you to set yourself or other people and organizations in motion.

This will give you the impetus to successfully tackle important changes and to use your talents beneficially and to enable a change with great clarity, with harmony, trust and togetherness for the benefit of all. You will receive a tool that helps you to focus on what is essential for you, to go to the essence and to apply the principles and also the process consistently, even if it should be difficult for you once.


There are only two requirements for success: the will to learn and having an idea of the direction you want to go.

At the will to learn calls everyone here. But this is not about skills, but about leaving the comfort zone, about growing, the next step, in the personality. Because in order to learn and to grow, we have to leave our comfort zone and then there are two extreme opposites: Once "You are to blame", when people look for the blame in others, then they behave arrogantly, ignorantly, go into the victim role and often do not even know that they thereby give the power to the other or "I am to blame for the evil of the world", these are people who think themselves into a knot in a downward spiral and tear themselves apart.

Both are ego directed and that's not the point, it's more about the cause, a direction and a result. No more and no less.


Beneficial results are the directional force, a powerful magnet that aligns your personal compass, the compass of your company, of our society. Being against it is easy. But what if I want to do something about it, shape my environment, create a new seed instead of destroying, if I want to get things flowing instead of going into confrontation, then impact and effectiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, then benefits emerge.

If our horizon is clear and we focus resolutely on results even in the face of obstacles, nothing can throw us off course. We can go our way - step by step. And as a team, we become even stronger because together we have an even wider field of vision.


Trust is the foundation for any successful communication and collaboration. Confidence is the fastest way to self-confidence. Because when faced with a new task or a special challenge, we have not yet achieved a result, and then we need an environment that trusts us to do so.

If we create trust and confidence, we will be immune to small-mindedness and exclusion. Then we feel the power of appreciation and the successes that are possible. For ourselves, but especially for our environment.


Those who accept responsibility do not tie their weal and woe to intentions, but to the consequences of their actions. Then we are so free to look for the responsibility in ourselves - and not so unfree to look for the guilt in others and thus to give these others the power over our actions into the hand.

Responsibility is often associated with leadership, be it leading oneself or others or leading a project, a task to a result. But responsibility also stands for failure, when we do not achieve our goals. In this case, it is not about guilt or shame, but about change and improving results - about learning.


Benefit concretely from the movement ...

What moves you to get out of stagnation? To be more successful?

Read here the contributions of activists of the movement and the impulses of Torsten Osthus ..., the living archive of successful growth and shared learning, the archive of valuable steps towards better results.

Benefit from the movement, get in touch, read the blog to learn: How you can concretely address the steps that are valuable for you at the different levels of growth. Which tools will allow you to get better results, to ensure more growth, for you personally, your business, the community you care about.

Become part of the movement

The next step is more effectively taken together ... On the basis of a common orientation, on the basis of a shared vision.

If you share the spirit behind the movement and have an offer, a concrete solution, coaching, seminar, etc. that expands the effectiveness of the growth space opened by the compass: then you become part of the movement. Experience how powerful, powerful you are when you get others moving. We look forward to your ideas to discuss the next step.